Tutankhamun was a pharaoh of the Eighteenth dynasty of Egypt in the history of ancient Egypt, the Pharaoh of Egypt from 1334 to 1325 BC. M. In the era of the modern state. Tutankhamun is the most famous pharaohs, for reasons not related to the achievements made or won by wars, as is the case with a lot of the Pharaohs; but for other reasons are important from a historical perspective and the most notable is the discovery of his tomb and treasures in full without any damage. The mystery surrounding the circumstances of his death, that many considered the death of Pharaoh at a very early age is not normal, especially with the presence of traces of fractures of the thigh bone and skull, and the marriage of his minister from his widow after his death, declaring himself Pharaoh. All of these mysterious events, and heavy usage of the myth of the curse of the pharaohs associated with the tomb of Tutankhamun that were used in films and video games made from Tutankhamun months Pharos mysteries and unanswered questions have considered some of the oldest assassinations in the history of humanity....More info click

Tutankhamun was 9 years old when he became pharaoh of Egypt and his name in ancient Egyptian means "the living image of the god Amun", a large ancient Egyptian gods. Tutankhamen lived in a transitional period in the history of ancient Egypt, where he came after Akhenaten, who tried to unify the gods of ancient Egypt in the form of the same God. It was in his return to the worship of multiple gods of ancient Egypt. His tomb was discovered in 1922 in the Valley of the Kings by British archaeologist Howard Carter. This discovery and the latest media frenzy and widespread in the world ....More info click
The Most Secrets of The Great Giza Pyramids
Secrets of magnetic power hidden inside the Giza pyramid
The height of the Great Pyramid in Egypt (Giza) 149.4 meters and the distance between the Earth and the sun of 149.4 million kilometers exactly.
There is no cement at all to install the stones, Al Ahram
but use the type of oil with which to fill drilling over the stone and then ignites and then placed the stone chipped away at the other, he spoke to the air stone puberty (the idea of cups of air).
Did you know that the measurements of the pyramid
Did you know that the area of the Great Pyramid base twelve acres and a half?
Average weight of each stone in the pyramid, 302.5 tons.
Said Herodotus: The (100000) A man built this pyramid for over 20 years
Can you believe that the temperature inside the room the great Pyramid of King throughout the year does not exceed 22 degrees Celsius!! The reason for the presence of holes Ichterqan rocks on both sides of the pyramid.
To strip the scientists analyzed the areas of Al-Ahram in Giza
stones and found traces of chemicals prove that they are cut off from the ends of these stones at the south of Egypt chemicals which confirms that the pharaohs were aware of the chemistry.
Building hierarchical resist earthquakes
It has been to Egypt waves of earthquakes with varying degrees of seriousness, however, the pyramids in all their forms and did not collapse did not turn out to like the ruins of buildings and monuments.
Al-Ahram and its relationship to the sun
In the first scientific study of its kind carried out by the Czech world Professor "Ladislav Kachinki" prove the relationship between sunrise and sunset and the building of the pyramids, after a long search for three full years involved with a group of scientists and came out the results confirm Facts,,,, it
the secret rooms at the Great Pyramid in Giza
Robot designed to explore the tunnel, no one could reach it and open the secret room remained unlocked 4500 years .
How find the scret door at the Great pyramid
Archaeologists announced that its heavy specialized robot inside the secret rooms at the Great Pyramid in Giza Link deeper than one yet. The robot is designed to explore the deep tunnel was not able robot earlier access and open the secret doors remained closed since 4500 years. Completed building automation explorer researchers at the University of Leeds in collaboration with Dsao French aerospace company Scowtek British manufacturing robots. It will be equipped with a camera using optical fiber to look beyond the angles and probe to test the quality of the stone and a small robot that can enter a space no more than a diameter of 1.78 cm.
The robot uses a special door at the wheels made of nylon and carbon fibers do not affect the stone pyramid sensor.
The Systems Engineer and Chief of Mission Shaun Whitehead told the Tech News Daily all devices and equipment designed from scratch, adding that the robots previous walking on the rail come into contact with the ground and the roof during the movement, while the new robots are used pillows soft to climb walls like larva or the way they used Mstlqo rocks to climb chimneys. There is no need for friction, but will the wheels to slip.
And its heavy robot through a tunnel in the tomb of Queen, which penetrates the pyramid in the rear other than the tomb of King, where the tunnels lead out of the Great Pyramid to be able to go into the spirit of life.

This is the third time that the robot tries to reach the end of the tunnel is located in the tomb of the Queen.
The expedition first found that the giant rock blocking the tunnel and the second robot discovered another door behind him. The newspaper quoted Kristain Science Monitor for researchers at the University of Leeds, they designed the new robot specifically to overcome these barriers using robots as small and drill automated thereto

Pyramids show

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Egypt Pyramids secrets

Egypt Pyramids Secrets

A team of scholars from architecture, Egyptology that the pharaohs were able to cancel gravity when lifting stones used in building the pyramids and move long distances through the direct sound and vibrations ELECTROSTATIC SPRAYING shipments to facilitate the lifting and Dr University architecture professor and expert on Egyptology to the editor that the scientific This interpretation of the method of building the egypt pyramids came through Brdetyn .. The first in a cemetery in one of the architects of the Middle Karnak and the second in the Louvre Museum in Paris. And said: "The Pharaohs were able to control many of the cosmic forces and exploited to achieve its purposes, and used scientific Balbndul in the development of stones to be consistent with the trend of veins in the mountains to be more resistant to erosion.the egypt pyramids secrets and miracle are the Pharaonic how to adjust the angle and the linked geometry of the universe and the movement of the stars and the magnetic and geographic trends of the earth. This theory prove wrong assumptions about the way in which built the egypt pyramids secrets.
This is a story that appeared on the front page of the pyramids .. Which shows us the views of some scholars of architecture at the University of Cairo and Egyptologists method for building the pyramid .. New ideas are old does not depart from suggestions by aliens when they failed to reach a real secret method of building of the egypt pyramids.

egypt pyramid secrets

proved that there is movement of the turbulence energy emitted from the top or the top room, the higher the diameter and height of 8 feet in diameter and 6 inches above the pyramid made of cardboard and a height of 4 inches and also found that if placed on quartz crystals hierarchical model it increases the energy of the pyramid.

egypt pyramid was also proven that there is a hierarchy within a magnetic field change of existing forces, as it is known that a magnetic field can prevent the entry into force of electricity or alter the magnetic field is .. This indicates that there is an electromagnetic field in the pyramid .. The strength of this field Othblg 13,000 Gauss, while the area of land is 1 Gauss, and this is the reason for the seed-breeding and activate enzymes.

These are some of the findings of scientists on the pyramids secrets :

1- re-polish jewelry and coins that have been oxidized.

2- re-purity water contaminated after being placed inside the pyramid for several days.

3- keep milk fresh for several days and when He got to change after that turn to Yogurt ... While the sour milk if placed inside a geometric shape is not a pyramid .. This result has lured some of the milk producers designed to save the hierarchy of containers of milk it sells.

4- dried flowers, but retain their shape, color and smell.

5- wounds and blisters and burns heal more quickly if presented to the area of energy hierarchy has proven to be dental pain and migraine headaches as well as fade and fade away the pain of rheumatism.

6- plants grow faster in inside the pyramid by the outside.

7- facial wash water, which may be placed inside the pyramid for the skin to return to the youth and freshness and helps to remove wrinkles.

8- sheets of aluminum, which placed the meat and poultry when introduced to the oven if left for a certain period accelerate the culmination of the food if cooking inside them.

9- sit under the form into the pyramid for some time gives an impression of comfort and help to reach a state of meditation and dispel the situation and end the nervous tension.

10- food items placed inside the pyramid, retaining its original flavor and smell good for a longer set than outside it.

11- sit inside the pyramid for several hours a day or twice a week and drinking water from the inside more of the labor and restores youth and gain more vitality and activity.

12- razors used if it is placed within a hierarchy of several days to regain its unity and can be used after that for several times.

13- food and remnants of food and garbage if it is placed within a hierarchy of garbage they dry up without a shot being rotten smell.

The theory of Five:

** In 1877, the world emerged Joseph Sais American theory of strange,,,, is a "theory of Five," which he says:

The pyramid has five aspects, including the base of the pyramid and the five pillars and all corners of the pyramid is (5 / 1) of the arm, a measure of an old (2 / 1).

Is the number 5 is in control of the pyramid is engineered and astronomer Will has to do with the number 5 reference to fingers, toes and senses and panels Moses.

This view is the view of engineering purely astronomical means that the dynamic geometric form or geometry hierarchy contains the vital energy in the center of a particular form of procedure in a vacuum affect the physiology of members of animal or plant.

Experiences with the positive affect of the vital forces of the hidden or apparent, and the pyramid has a five-faceted engineering controls and astronomical in terms of development and its components, plastic and confirms that there is a secret of power in the vacuum of the pyramid, making him the power hidden healing through research and studies that confirm that the secret lies in the force Five of the pyramidal shape with the electromagnetic field is compatible with the north-south axis of the Earth with a precision of distance to the pyramid shape to the extent that the door of the pyramid towards the polar star.

Not to mention that there were factors other reliable dynamic secret of these supernatural powers.

First, the geometry:

The pyramid has the characteristics of engineering as a miraculous rally to extraordinary and special forces like gravity, is absorbed and directed at the center of peak internal and external that leaves a strong center from top to al Qaeda's as if the summit gathering center ground forces across the base and then after assembly is a response in line straight like a laser in a package of electromagnetic fields and intense solidarity in the heart of the pyramid as a geometric ...... It may be geometry Kchwet through the peak of the forces of global-electric through the top that do not accrue only in the shape hierarchy.

Second, the trend towards the northern axis - South:

The trend towards the central north - south magnetic may positively affect human health and has worked to revitalize the glands and vital enzymes in the human body and activates the circulation and nervous system activity and hormones of the body, which strengthens the immunity gained and repel any invasion by microbial striker or hidden forces which protect it from harmful diseases and helped him to recover from any disease of the Film It is known that on the human body electromagnetic aura or supported the stronger external forces increased electromagnetic immunity rights, God willing, it impenetrable shield against disease, but is strange that the human personality be strong and very influential to the degree of control over others easily to the force of gravity this energy So-called rights and attractive. Is the secret of the extraordinary power inside the pyramid lies in a pool of electromagnetism and other at some point or inside the pyramid is to reduce the gravity and maintain the physical energy of the human person without a waste product of the pyramid engineering portfolios of energy within the body but the complex of power and motivation of the bomber and the energies of rights and powers hidden. They say that man on the Moon have more strength, speed, and thought out, intelligent and justify the erosion and weak lunar gravity does the human being lighter inside the pyramid, which means twice the gravity inside the pyramid, as if gravity attracts the forces and energies and because of gravity inside the pyramid Vijv weaken the rights to withdraw the forces, making it a strong .

building of egypt pyramids

In many attempts to understand the secrets of the pyramids over the past hundred years, Egyptian researcher to reach a new interpretation supported by the evidence of how to build the egypt pyramids that was the idea that it was a primitive way, but discovery confirms that the ancient Egyptians reached a technological means they were able to lift these stones mechanically and without trouble.

Good researcher and explorer Mr. Ten said: "The configurations of the pyramid from the inside reveals that it was built from the inside and from outside as it is believed the idea of using the elevator, which is close to the lifts is designed factories and houses in the modern era, was careful engineers These pyramids on the establishment of corridors descent and the other one bullish and bearish inclination angle smooth, 28 seconds minutes and 53 seconds in terms of the descending passage to lead the process of mechanically uploaded to allow rise and fall of the elevator, a difference is necessary to neutralize the factor of gravity of the weight of rising in the case of two races of similar weight.

The researcher, who scored his point of view and interpretation of the patent that the corridors are located upward and downward in the direction of exactly one in the middle of the pyramid so that the descending passage down the aisle with Tlaekayama quite bullish at one point to serve the purpose mechanical, if we take into account the method of closure of the horizontal corridor which leads to the secret Queen's Room , and put the link up the ascending passage and lobby, we find that the most logical idea, and the ancient Egyptian engineer was keen to take on the ascending passage and lobby the greatest inclination angle of one.

The well bottom of egypt pyramids
Researcher finds that moving the elevator was done through the well at the bottom of the pyramid, a nozzle or a slot containing the gear legs horizontally at the point of contact from the entrance to the lower chamber of the pyramid lead up to half a meter, and this difference is the horizontal radius of the gear motor of Lift It is here that another job of the well, which Egyptologists make a great effort to be interpreted as well to search for treasures while the researcher finds just the opposite, especially if we imagine a modified rope that extends from the descending passage crawler to the lower house and the well through the development of model orientation of this cord into the corridor linking Chamber of the well (bottom of the pyramid) and the descending passage to wrap around the horizontal gear Sakia the well operated by about four or six members.

Researcher prepared a wooden model is similar in the proportion with the percentages of building the Great Pyramid and prepared a videotape shows the modus operandi of the form which confirms that they are the same way in which the huge model of building the pyramid, and stresses his experience signs of sincerity Ptsawlh: Why take the ascending passage in the narrow The closer we come out from the beginning, although this can not come as no way be blocked by the three stones to the other side, but he's making the work of the brake body crawler with this corridor, so as not to fall into the descending passage.

A starting point for further
Commented Dr. Ali Barakat, geological and archeological researcher who followed the disclosure of the secrets of the egypt pyramids that this work and its interpretation represents a breakthrough to get to know other passages that enable priests to hide the rest of the pyramids, where we find the corridors without being depressed by the other emerging, based on the concept of the elevator the need for corridors and research in the corners mile corridor can identify pathways that concealed the priests filled way through the court did not draw attention, scholar, spent long hours in and around the Great Pyramid and toured with the intervention and exits and internal Hjrath hopes the installation and classification of stones and was able Baqraouath and his access to the corridors upward and downward and how to build them who have not reached the interpretation of a continued in his research on that idea and guided him to a full-time to its use of scientific explanations of the findings of his skis during the lifting of the ascending passage inside the pyramid and mechanically accurate and do not require a large number of manpower.

Mathematical equations
He adds that the researcher presented mathematical equations showing how to work Alosancir and durability Ohbalh used in the process of lifting and determine the manpower that was performing such a task in pulling the ropes that have been or crawler lift, citing the effects of fluid lubricant found to reduce the friction between crawler that moves up and down between the rocks Corridor promoted a smooth, perfectly smooth for ease of movement above and below the detection confirm that this ancient Egyptians knew the idea of the lift and work with mechanical and construction process was from the inside, not outside of the egypt pyramid.

He pointed out that the ascending passage length of 85 meters horizontal inclination 26.2 degrees and 30,2 m, up 38 lap sleek and landing begins to descend in the same corner of the corridor, and corridor 94 meters long, downward slope angle of 26.2 With the fall of 38,8 meters and go up and down by the crawler carrier balance weights and that there is a passage of up horizontally between the descending passage and the Chamber of the pit, and length of 29 feet where Bakrtan at the beginning of the corridor on the runway to change the direction of the rope descending passage to the room well, and there are Bakrtan Two more before the end of the corridor to reach the horizontal rope to the file, there is a room well and had a block column installation file, which logs, and there are mobile in the corridor crawler that moves upward to the top and bottom at an angle of 26.2 degrees and weights personnel carrier and a crawler moving in a descending passage that moves up and down, while the rollers are eight well-to-reel ninth column is the engine of the file Elevator.